Pretty good for a last-minute gift I made

What I love about the Glowforge is it takes two gift categories often looked down upon, “last minute” and “made myself” and makes it possible to still create an impressive gift at home without a ton of time.

Found out a young cousin of mine is getting into Magic: the Gathering, so thanks to @finh’s MTG: Life tracker, and some Michael’s pencil boxes I’ve had forever, I whipped up a custom box with the life tracker on top and a series of counter trackers inside.

The craft foam insert was something I’ve wanted to do and also turned out to be fun. Since I was in a rush I didn’t get to finetune to compensate for kerf, but it made a really nice “hold in place” form for the tokens.


A beautiful piece, To come out so nice is very impressive!


I love it! Thanks for sharing!

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Super cool

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That is a nice gift. I played Magic long ago and those tokens are a real help

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No one could look at this as a last minute gift. Looks amazing!

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That is great!

I really like that. Definitely a gift I would buy for someone into that.

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This is amazing!