Price & Source of Material!

Hi Guys!

Considering we are EVERYWHERE around the globe.

Would be nice to know how much each of you are investing in materials so we can check wether we are spending too much on what and we are paying a good price in what, obviously would compare between same regions.

So I suggest we put like:

Region (London / Europe) (Believe me, we do Have Boston here in UK too! :slight_smile: )

Acrylic (Type) A4 $:

Acrylic (Type) A3 $:

Acrylic (Type) (SIZE X) $:

Wood (Type) (Size) $:

Leather (Type) (Size) $:

Thank you very much !


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I haven’t ordered materials since I moved to London from Michigan (and brought lots of material with me) last year, but just saying hello to someone else in London. Would love to start to understand UK and European sources for materials. Do you have any ideas for acrylic in particular? Looking to help with the mask making efforts via the mask clips people have posted.

Hello there!

I’ve ordered from Sheetplastics.

They did an amazing price for me comparing to the others out there!

Just let them know that “Cordioli” recommended you to them and ask for a good price match and they will do it for you…

You can email Nickie direct !

Let me know if that works for you!


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