Can those who purchased the glowforge basic one year ago upgrade to the professional one by paying the old fee? :slight_smile: I believe that because we have all been waiting a year for our glowforge, we deserve some more time until the low price deadline! I was planning to upgrade soon. I have been raising money for this purpose but i just noticed that prices went up.

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Don’t think so. Back when the initial 30 day offering was made I remember seeing that you had until the end of the crowdfunding to upgrade at those prices, or lose the opportunity. (Caused me to think it over long and hard at the time.)

Same for the pre-order prices, once they went up, we lost the chance to get it at those prices.

I’m sure I’ll wish I’d upgraded after I’ve played with it for a while.:tired_face:


Seem pretty clear that the answer is no as of a few days ago.


I don’t think so. Dan posted an announcement a little over a month ago, to let us all know that the prices would be going up, and encouraging people to upgrade before the price increase:

Of course, I could be wrong! Maybe a staff member will come along to offer a definitive answer to your question.


It was also plastered all over the forums and social media for about a month prior to the price increase, so there was ample time to make that decision. I understand raising money is harder, but the real point was that the price increase didn’t sneak up on us.

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Thank you all for your answers! Today I learned how to use the forum. I didn’t know how to use it before so I didn’t read his announcements! I guess i had my chance but lost it! It’s ok :slight_smile: Have a good evening xxx


I’m glad that you found your way to the forum! It’s a pretty friendly community, and there’s lots of good info to be had. Hope you’ll join us more often.


Welcome to the crowd!


@constantina1610, I’m so sorry you weren’t able to upgrade at the preorder pricing! Unfortunately the old pricing is no longer available. But I’m delighted to have you join us in the forum and can’t wait to get you your Basic - I think you’ll be very happy with it regardless.