Prickly Pear Cactus Leather Cuff

I’ve been having a lot of fun designing and wearing lasercut leather cuffs.

I backed this one with a rectangle of leather I cut with scissors. If you make one, I’d love to see pictures! (Also, this is my first time sharing an SVG, hope I did it correctly. It’s there, it’s just all white.)

![nopales for glowforge|386x499]
nopales for glowforge


Nice work!

I am not seeing the SVG. I think something went amiss there.

Is this prickly pear leather you made? Or from Desserto? Or something else?


Cactus does make great dessert.


Heh. Nopales azucarada!

I did make prickly pear sorbetto once:


… but, this is the Desserto I meant:


Thanks very much. Your cuff photgraphs well on a drum.

It was a leap of faith to download the file as it is all white. Once I opened it in Inkscape I changed the outline to black and there it was!


Thanks! It’s regular leather, the prickly pear is the design. However, now you have me thinking I need to do some cactus leather experiments…

Any tips for getting the SVG to show up? When the page loads,the all-white design is briefly visible while the background is gray. It’s still there, but the white background of the page makes it hard to tell.

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Ah! I see. I was able to context-click on the white space and, catch the file. Typically, people set their stroke color to something other than white. Here it is with the stroke set to black:


I guess I had the cactus leather on the brain and, didn’t think that you were just talking about the design.

Desserto did confirm that their stuff is laser-friendly. I was considering ordering a swatch book from them to play with it a little. A couple other people have mentioned it. Let us know if you try it.


That’s lovely! and yeah, I thought it was cactus leather too :stuck_out_tongue: Guess we’re all on a wavelength today!

For future ease of designing, if you make your art board 12" x 20" then the :glowforge: will never accidently resize your design - and wherever you place your art on the art board is where it will show up on the bed of your :glowforge: :slight_smile: The lower right corner is the best for saving material!

nopales for glowforge_V3


Fun. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the sizing tip!

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Very nice! Thanks for the share!

Here is a version I cleaned up and changed the cut order:
(version with engrave)
nopales for glowforge

(version with cut-out)
nopales for glowforge (cut)

Edit: After looking at your pictures again, I realized the inner pattern is supposed to be engraved, so I updated that on the cleaned up version also.

Edit: Added cut-out and engrave.


Was a cut, with a second layer behind.
Curious now what it looks like engraved, or without a back piece.

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Okay. I added both versions to my original “reply”.

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