Print and Cut - Help?

I’m sort of frustrated but do understand there are lots of moving parts to what I want to do.

I’ve tried reading about this in the forum. There might be snippets of info here and there but I couldn’t find one thread with easily accessible clear and direct info.

I’m making print and cut files in Silhouette Design. This is a super low-end design program that does exactly what I need it to do. I’m making a page of designs (lets say different kinds of flowers and words). I then make the appropriate line around each the gf will use to cut. I save this as a pdf. I have one pdf that is the images and another that is the cut line (gf doesn’t like it when I load the images). I am SUPER careful about not moving anything when I delete the images.

I print on 100lbs cardstock to a brotherHL-L8360CDW. I put that piece of paper into the gf bed (and make sure it is securely down)…and nothing lines up like it should nor are the cut lines even the correct size. I’ve made sure that I’m doing this after I’ve input the material info.

Tonight I got everything lined up and was reasonably happy with where the cutting was going to happen. Then I canceled the print for whatever reason. And THEN, the cut shapes needed to be moved and resized AGAIN…


The laser wasn’t designed for Print and Cut files. (There is nothing that ties the cutlines to the printed result from another device.) You would have to try to eyeball it. If you keep the design under the lid camera, or use the Set Focus tool correctly, it’s going to improve your results.

Eventually, it will have that capability when the Snapmarks are released. I used the Snapmarks for Print and Cut files during the Beta testing. (IF the Snapmarks are offered.) :smile:

Until then, place the printed paper in the machine, click over the center of the design with the Set Focus tool, then align the cutlines around the printed paper.

I have no information about the set focus tool…guess I will have to start figuring that out or just keep doing what I’ve been doing…

Click the three dots in the interface, The drop down menu includes “Set Focus” Select the Set Focus tool, then put your cursor on your material where your design is located and click. The printhead moves to where you clicked, a red beam is sent from the printhead to determine distance from the material. You will see a slight change in view and the camera refocuses. This will improve your ability to line things up visually. Also, have you completed the lid camera calibration? Finally, when I was trying to do print and cut, I learned that my printer does not print things the exact size as my digital file.


I watched a short video on the set focus; EASY!

I don’t know anything about the lid camera calibration. This is the link I found: Is it the correct one? If so, I’ll deal with this tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Figured the printer was imperfect and the gf was imperfect and together…imperfect x3!

The GF is precise to 1/1000". It is not, however, designed to allow precise positioning over previously printed artwork. The camera calibration is designed to get you within 1/4". It is often better, but that’s the spec.

If you are going to make items for production, then you can use a jig for repeatability.