Print drivers for glowforge

what are the print drivers for gf?

There are no print drivers. Everything is done through and then a motion control file is sent directly to the printer.


This topic comes up occasionally. Epilog and Universal provide print drivers, but there’s never been a clambering for the same functionality on the GF. Here’s a post from long ago related to this issue.

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As rpegg said, there are no print drivers. Your computer accesses the glowforge server which controls your glowforge laser. The computer does not connect to your laser, all the control comes from the glowforge server.

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The 'forge gets a string of bits from the glowforge server.

Bits are bits!

There IS a way.

Unfortunately I’m an electrical power guy and my bit-bashing skills aren’t up to this task, but surely somebody’s are.

Bits are bits…but someone needs to reverse engineer the current server magic. I would use my embedded skills, but don’t have the time (or interest).

Thankfully there are none. Now, there may be other issues that complicate the use of the Glowforge, but installing print drivers on the five different computing platforms I use regularly with my Glowforge isn’t one of them.


keep in mind, at least for the Universal, even if you use a print driver, you’re still just printing to software that you then have to configure, just like the GFUI. so having a print driver just changes the process of getting the file from the design program to the cutting program. and if you use Illustrator, you literally can do that with copy/paste, which is less hassle than a print driver, IMO.


The OpenGlow community are working on this. Personally, I’m happy with the cloud-based stuff; I’m old enough that I’ve long since given up my need for control – it’s just too darn much work. :wink: