Print is not sizing prints properly (Fusion 360 help needed)

I was having issues printing (first time with this printer but not first time with glowforge) and the cuts were too small. I printed a “gift of good measure” and found that 10mm on the ruler on the print was only about 4.7mm actually.

I’ve not run the calibration test yet (no proof-grade material left) but that seems like a large error. Can someone advise please

You’ve opened a support ticket by posting here, so they’ll probably want to see some photos. I’m wondering if you might have accidentally resized the Gift of Good Measure when you were moving it on the screen – that’s happened to me before. You can reset the design (click on the 3 dots in the top menu bar, then on “design details”) to make sure. I’d recommend doing that, and then re-printing it, and taking a screenshot of the finished cut that includes the rulers on the app screen for comparison.

ok, thx, I’ll try it now

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ok, no I wont. I can open ANY file on the app page, except the gift of good measure. It will not import. I can make this happen with other designs. If I select the design and press delete to get it off the left hand menu, I can’t reopen it. I’m sure this has never happened before. That’s the only way I know to clear designs

The user interface autosaves the last condition of the file. If you deleted it - then it’s gone.
Better to hit the “Home"button” or just drag the design out of the way out of the work area.
See @geek2nurse’s response above to reset the design.

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I do not see three dots on either the home (design) page or the app/print page

and AS SOON as I type that, I find it :slight_smile:


so my prints are still coming out wrong – exported SVG from Fusion 360, but the GoGM is fine. My calipers were out

and I used the same calipers to make the design in the first place … and yes, the design was wrong. I’m just going to crawl into this hole over here and have a drink …

Okay, so you have an export issue, then, not a Glowforge issue. I’m not an F360 expert, but someone will come along who can help you with that. Meanwhile I can move this over to “Everything Else” for you so the community can chime in, and Support can go on to the next ticket. :wink:

I modified your title, too. You’re not an idiot. :wink:


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