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It would be nice if the Glowforge allowed for picking up of print when there is a power outage. My 3D printer does this so it has to be possible in the software. I just lost power for 30 seconds and had to restart a print that had been printing for close to two hours. Ugh! Please update the software to include a feature “print where I left off.”

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Staff doesn’t monitor this section of the forum. You should post this over in Problems and Support if you want to get their attention.

Thank you

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I can pretty much tell you that isn’t going to be possible.

Even if they were to log every motion command, the speed at which the head is moving and the fact that there is no feedback for head position means there is no way to know where exactly things were when the machine shut down. Also, a complete power failure would have “indeterminate” effects - did the motion control stop before the CPU? Did the laser stop firing while things were still in motion?

It’s a nice idea but impractical.

If you live where power is not stable, a quality UPS is probably a good idea. Of course, support will never sanction that, but the machine is just a computer with some motion control and a bright light. Total power requirement is lower than some gaming PCs. Spend good money on it and it won’t be an issue.


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