Print Screen Issues

Parts of the screen have ballooned to the point that I can’t use them in the fashion they were designed for. I can’t do custom because I am unable to scroll down to choose what I need in printing a photograph. I no longer see the bottom half of the “Magic button” section, So I can’t stop a print. I have tried minimizing the screen but it only minimizes the bed where the wood is. I’ve rebooted the laptop and GF and no change. If I can’t use the manual or custom, I won’t be able to achieve my goals. Has anyone had this happen to them or heard of it happening? If so do you have a solution? Thanks.

Try control-zero.

Browsers can zoom in on pages, the UI gets weird when you zoom too far. Control-zero should reset the zoom level. After that I might reload the page just to be sure.


If you have your mouse on the center of the bed when you minimize/zoom, it minimizes/zooms the bed - but if you have the mouse on (for example) the URL bar it’ll minimize/zoom the entire window.

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OP’s photo looks like a mac, I think it’s “command” instead of control.

@cdbild It does look like you’re zoomed way in. Cmd+0 should get you to normal, using plus or minus instead of 0 should also change your zoom level.


And if menus are easier than keyboard shortcuts, it’s in the menu:

View > Actual Size


Yeah good call. That link I included also goes into that. Also Safari may not support that, but I think it probably does. Pretty standard browser stuff.

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The problem was Safari. Moved to Chrome and all is well. Thanks, all.

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