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Not sure if this belongs here but I’m trying to print off some tokens I’ve made for Magic the gathering and for some reason parts of them are printing much different than other parts with the same settings and I can’t figure out if its the way the file is saved or something in the settings.

In the Angel and Wizard tokens, the Halo, if you look closely is quite a bit lighter than the text even though I used the same settings during the print as the text, same for the bottom two “rune circles” on the wizard token. The file type is an svg since I cut and score the edges all in one go, but I’m at a loss of what it could be.

Hard to know without the source art. Might be material inconsistency but doesn’t look too variable at first glance…

So, maybe upload the art or I think we’ll just be making wild guesses.

I’ll have to wait until I’m back at my home PC to upload the art. Is there anything I should be looking for that could affect it? I’m using illustrator to create these.

Raster components mixed with vector. Color values with 3d settings.

Overall engrave settings can affect things too.

Variability in your material especially if it’s warped or variable thickness. Is it prefinished? Which orientation did you run it? Halo up or halo right?

Stuff like that.

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my guess is it’s artwork. as @evansd2 said, is it all 100% black and all vector or all bitmap? variations of those two things can give you differences in how things engrave.

@evansd2 I’m using PG materials.

I don’t have it all black because I’m printing on the opposite sides as well so I needed to be able to igonore the “Angel” portion when I flipped over the token.

I’ll check the artwork when I get home and upload it though, it sounds like thats probably where the problem is.

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Is there a chance you accidentally changed the transparency on that section while in your art program? I know sometimes I do that while mouse wheeling through my stuff in Inkscape.

Unrelated. What is that font for the Wizard token? I really like it!

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I did check the transparency, so I know thats for sure not it. I also did a test print where I did another pass along the halo and it was still very different from rest of the Token.

the font is something a found online with free use, I think it was either on or 1001 fonts. Very LotR style.

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Here is the illustrator files I’m using

Angel (1.2 MB) Wizard (1.6 MB)

The halo is lighter because it’s a bitmap, and is being engraved based on its shade. It needs to be black.

The corner runes are lighter because they are smaller, and thus the lines are thinner, than the top one.

Everything else is vector so it will engrave at whatever setting you assign regardless of color in AI.

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