Print with front passthrough slot open

Is it possible to print with the front passthrough slot open? I’m trying to print on a 48x15" board that’s 3/4" thick.

It has been done.

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I skimmed through this but didn’t find a resolution. Was this ever resolved with a solution?

Would you mind sharing how it was done?

Tha term you’re looking for is “interlock”. The trick is magnets, though I’ve never done it. You basically fool the Glowforge into thinking the door is closed.

As you can imagine there are pretty serious safety concerns with this.


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@miss.aventurera: The hints you need are in that post. Sorry, but I’m not going to tell you exactly how to do it—nor will Glowforge. Defeating the door safely interlocks is inherently dangerous unless you provide appropriate eye protection for EVERYONE in the area. Make sure that you know what you are doing if you decide to attempt this! :sunglasses:


Perhaps this response from the OP of that thread applies:


Bypassing the front door open warnings can be done by using magnets to trick the sensors into thinking that the lid and sensors are in proper alignment (lid-mounted sensors and door-mounted magnets), or you can simply install a bypass jumper that tells the sensor circuitry that the door and lid are properly aligned. If you’re interested in attaining a set of bypass jumpers (non-invasive to the Glowforge wiring and fully reversible) message me for more info.

It tells you in the manual how to bypass the magnetic safety interlock … by warning you not to use magnets to bypass the safety interlocks. If you look at the front door, you can see where the magnetic interlocks are located, and they are not very powerful magnets.

Should you choose to bypass the two magnetic safety interlocks, make sure you avoid looking at the Glowforge, the laser, or even reflections of the laser light unless you are wearing suitable eye protection.