Printed Leaves

An interesting idea I am now dying to try out, and in SO many ways.

When talking about what software to use in another thread, a user pointed out the obvious "Remember you can still just use a standard drafting table (pencil, ruler, protractor).

This had always been in my mind as quite possible, but for some reason the precise way it was presented made me think about things differently.

I remember as a kid putting leaves or pennies under a sheet of paper, then rubbing a crayon or pencil over the paper to make an impression.

So… I wanna do that, and then load that paper into the GF, lightly glued down on top of some wood.

True wooden nickles. Check
Wooden leaves for no good reason at all? Check.

Now… if the GF will have some really sensitive grey-scale processing on which to define varying levels of engraving depths to get a full 3D effect, everything will be amazing (and I will make the freaking coolest coffee table ever)


That’s ingenious. Remind me Monday and I may try that. We don’t have greyscale running on the shop machine but I can do it in B&W easily enough.


Makes me wonder if you could simply place leaves on a piece of material and the laser would cut around the perimeter of them. Not drawn, but simply laid on the material.

Then extrapolate that to things like lace, or anything with a cool outline.



@jacobturner, This is an awesome idea! I might have to make leaf coasters or ornaments as gifts.

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If I spraypainted it black, I’m pretty sure I could just do that Monday. Might smell bad though.


MONDAY! And there should be plenty of leaves available for the picking.


Darn it.

OK, Tuesday.

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Well… Tuesday is here!

If you forget again, force yourself to walk to work (or at least park further away). Tromping on leaves ought to trigger some memories :stuck_out_tongue:

Drat! Now I’m in SF. Will get to it soon.

I want to see this happen! Don’t give up!!

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Reminder! I want to see this too.

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Well, this weekend my former students were messing around in my office yet again. But they left me with presents on my desk when I arrived on Monday:

These aren’t camera-rendered. Likely a file they found online and used. But still more than @dan has done so far… :stuck_out_tongue:



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Very COOL!

Uh oh… Dan must have gotten busy, next leaf collecting time is just around the corner. Great zombie thread revival.


Yes, great revival, and hopefully they are also getting close to having gray-scale working in both the hardware and software too!

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