Printer head behaving poorly with Snapmarks

So I recently got Snapmarks and just tried a couple of things. I printed the pencil jig with no problem. However, when trying to do the engrave on the pencils, the print was way off - like inches. Also, the printer head slammed into the railing in the upper left position and made a terrible sound. I have had no problem printing other things after this happened. No problem with centering, focusing and printing. I tried using Snapmark again, and once again the head tried to go beyond its home position and the “snapping” of the artwork did not happen after the scan occurred. I did not get an error message regarding Snapmarks. The head “homes” properly when not trying to use Snapmarks. Any suggestions?

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Yes, you need to report this on the Introducing Snapmark thread. That is the one that the team is monitoring for the Beta and this is the second report of this happening.

(Make sure they see it…tag @bonny when you post there.)