Printer Head Replacement

I just set up our brand new Glowforge Pro on Wednesday. We were able to print one gift of good measure and then called it a night.
Thursday night, I went to make more prints. The printer head didn’t move (makes some clicking sounds) and it was stuck on Focusing. Support has been quick to diagnose that we need a new printer head. It’s a bummer, as we’re super exited to print, but I’m being understanding that things happen during shipping. Has anyone had to replace their printer head before? How long did it take to receive the replacement printer head?

You may be one of the earliest because being able to swap in a new printer head and calibrate it at home is a relatively new feature.

I’m interested to see if anyone else chimes in.


i think Glowforge corp changed to shipping UPS, which seems to be a shipping disaster. as many units are being banged up / etc (including mine)


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Since it doesn’t seem like a lot of people have experienced this, I’ll give an update about the process- how long it takes to receive the part and installation, etc.


The Printer Head Setup tool and related support documentation has been available for 15 months or so, so not all that new. Parts usually ship next business day after they’re ordered if they’re in stock. You’ll get an email when the order is placed by the staff member, and another when it ships. I once damaged a fan, ordered a new one through on a Wednesday, and it was on my door step Friday morning.

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when i ordered my GF in April 2018, it was delivered via UPS. when it came, the box was missing the two orange thingies/handles and i reported it right away to GF support. the box was pretty banged up but my GF worked right of the box and is still working to this day. (i’m very thankful that up until now, i haven’t had any real issues with the machine.)

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So far I haven’t heard anything back regarding the print head. Kinda feeling like a fool to be honest for spending this much $ on machine that seems to be a complete dud. It printed one time and now it’s broken and the team support I can see tries, but really, i feel like they need to have a better understanding of when things ship and a timeline.

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