Printing from an iPhone

Random questions, I seen that we can print from an iPad on the glowforge so I assume that you can print straight from an iPhone on to the glowforge correct? I am in a situation that I am not sure if I should get the new iPad Pro 12.9 inch that only has the same camera as the iPhone 7 or if I should get the iPhone 8 plus with dual cameras in hopes that it can do the 3D images as stated a possibility in another post.

This brings up the other question, has anyone who seen that other post since march actually tired the 3D engrave from their iPhone 7 plus or their 8 plus? If so and this for sure works I think it would make more sense to get the iPhone and do the prints from their despite the smaller screen if I have this capability. I can only choose one or the other as of right now, looking for some help. And if I can’t print from the iPhone directly I guess I might as well go with the iPad there, just figured newer tech and portability with possible 3d option would be better and would have to trade off for screen size.

You can absolutely print from your iPhone if you are using a file in your library or have an .svg on your phone you could upload. As far as the 3D mapping dunno as I’m on a 5s still (when it dies or breaks I’ll upgrade).


Thanks for that, now hopefully someone knows about the 3d mapping because then I will probably get the iPhone if so, if not, I really don’t have a clue what I should do at that point. The iPad would be nice for the bigger screen but do I want to pass on the dual camera set up? lol it haunts my dreams, just like if I wanted the glowforge basic or pro did lol

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I will say that there is a lot of functionality of the GFUI that is not working at this time from IOS (iPad or iPhone). For instance, re-ordering operations doesn’t work, can’t select from drop down menu like for changing LPI. I hope I’m wrong and somebody else has gotten it to work, but I’m pretty sure mobile functionality is a little further back in development.

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I just went into the app on my iPhone and all the drop down menus are working for me.

There is so much that the GF or other laser cutter can do beyond a simple picture engrave. If you are just using a phone you are not going to do much in the way of design. Personally don’t see that easily possible on an IPad. Too small. An inexpensive computer with a larger screen and good input control. Doesn’t matter what type.

Edit. The Pro screen you mentioned might be big enough. Not sure about the control interface because I’m not current with the Apple devices.

@jonny_firebrand do you have the glowforge already? If so did you try printing from your iPhone yet? If you did is it seamless for you?

I have several computers if with illustrator and photoshop for the more detailed info, just was getting this as a possible quick go to if someone emails me a photo or if there is a photo that I can do 3d mapping from the phone with one simple setup would be nice if its possible.

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I do have my :glowforge: but I haven’t tried printing from phone yet. I will take back what I said about uploading files though. Seems as if it doesn’t work…hmmm. But I can easily use a library item. Although a small interface it should work. I’ll try it now and post.

Hmmmmm, guess I need to file a bug report–can’t get it to work on my iPad.

awesome thanks

The iphoneX will expand upon this capability with the 3d scanner built into it. The depth maps coming out of it will be way more detailed than what comes out of the stereoscopic setup that the older iPhones (7/8) have.

Does that mean you’re on CC subscription? If so, be sure to get Adobe Capture on the mobile device. It’s really impressive.

I will have to look into that.

Might have to wait for the iPhone X now lol

With just Safari or also in Cgrome and Firefox?

I don’t have Firefox on my iPad, but it also doesn’t work in Chrome.

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Printed on iPhone 6, using an image already uploaded, Chrome for iOS. When I clicked on the upload button, though, nothing seemed to happen. I don’t know if that is a bug or current design. Maybe someone @staff can tell.

I was playing with engraving paper, too. Few prints right now are testing only one thing.

I will note that the smaller screen does making working with the printer interface much harder, and I hope the future (hopper) has a more mobile-friendly version. For now, I’d move the picture from my phone to my computer for more convenient printing anyway.


I will try with my test iPad that has iOS 11 late this afternoon to see if gives the same results (all three browsers).

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To be clear, it’s not that I can’t queue up a job using iOS, I just can’t choose some of the settings in the drop down menus. So be sure to test changing the LPI on an engrave, for example.