Printing on paper

I’m trying to cut paper. It doesn’t have paper or cardboard as an option for type of material. How do get that option? I want it to print/ cut on paper.

You have to enter settings manually for non-proofgrade materials. If you do a search for “paper settings” over in the Beyond the Manual section, you’ll find some pointers. :slight_smile:


In addition to searching for settings for paper/cardboard, I suggest you read through the information explaining manual settings in general:


Note that cardboard is prone to catch fire more so than almost anything else. Just be sure to watch it closely. Cracking the lid for a second cancels the print, and precautions like a damp rag or a squirt bottle handy is a good idea.


Excellent to have those and I find the if the work is a bit damp before you start, it will dry quickly where you are working but the fire will not easily spread to the damp. You will also need a sticky mat or spray on adhesive on plywood or the like to keep the work from blowing away.


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