Printing tee shirt

what are the settings ?

There aren’t any standard settings for tee-shirts. I’d try the search tool here in the forum, but ultimately, you will need to test the exact material to get the settings for what you want to achieve.

That could be really risky firewise.

people have done Silk screening stencils on their forges.

Heavy fabrics like denim and burlap can stand to have some material vaporized and still maintain some integrity.

The average lightweight cotton that most t-shirts are made from can not. It will fall apart - unless it’s strictly decorative and mounted in some fashion, such as being glued to a backing board…


Hello! I post a lot of tips on all things fabric on my IG! I post all things fabric and always post my settings.

Anyways, searching “tee shirt” might not have the best results for settings because a “t shirt” is just a “t shirt”. There are no settings for just “t shirt”. However, there are settings for weight of fabric and the blend used in the fabric.

So is the shirt a 100% cotton fabric? What is the thread count? Are you planning to use any backing?