Printing via holography

OK while on overnight call had a brief pause in the patient flow and saw an alert for 3D Printing Nerd’s latest video on holograms 3D printed. But the video should really be printing with holograms" more than printing the hologram itself. The TL;DR version is basically they project 2 holograms 90 degrees apart through a vat of photo resin (like any SLA printer does) except unlike the usual printer like my Form 3, which scans a layer then peels, lifts and flows more in, this semi-cures the entire object at once by projecting a true 3D light image. What struck me was that this works, if one was willing to undertake such an insanely risky task of using printing resin in 0g, since the container can be filled to 100% leaving no need to hold the fluid agains the flexible bed, instead you just suck the fluid out around the gel after and cure as appropriate (yeah, no way NASA is allowing acetone on a spacecraft!). Not sure if anyone might need to nanoscale print in space, but if they do, this works. The ISS has a FDM printer, but that’s easy as filament adhesion does not require gravity (and if you’ve ever seen thomas sanladerer’s video of his 3D printing backpack he shows it printing inverted.