Prints from woodcuts

I do fine art printmaking, including woodcut and linoleum cut Relief prints. I have some nerve damage in my arms, and my husband gave me a Glowforge for my birthday to ease up on the carving. I didn’t even know this was possible. I haven’t bothered with a vector file yet, just always in a rush and not taking the time to learn. It has taken awhile, but I have reached the point of carving most materials with my designs. I want to share a favorite print from the summer. Please don’t reproduce for sale. This design is still available as a limited edition, and my customers would be freaked if they saw it elsewhere.


Lovely! I hope the GF is a good aid for you to ease up on the manual labor of carving. What kind of wood do you use for the woodcuts?


Very nice. I certainly hope the Glowforge proves to be a valuable tool in allowing you to produce your artistic vision so others can appreciate it.


Nice artwork! Glad the Glowforge continues you to be creative - this is the same for me. It does most of the hard work. :smile:


I love this…there’s something intrinsically primitive yet so story-like in woodcuts. Hope the Glowforge makes doing your art even more enjoyable.


Beautiful print, and so glad the GF works great to replace the tough work for your hands!


Wonderful! So glad the :glowforge: is working out for you!

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Ruth Egnater

This is beautiful.

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So glad he found the Glowforge for you! Perfect!