Prison Break! Can you escape?

Made an extremely hard 24 piece glued together slide puzzle game. This game is so hard it takes a minimum of 70 moves to free the inmate out the freedom door slot on the bottom of the puzzle. Yes I said 70 moves minimum to win!!! The starting position is the first photo.


I remember those old slider puzzles…great idea!


This is cool. Oldie but goodie.


Serious puzzle.

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Fun idea!

Nice! The towers look great. How about replacing the words on the other pieces with pictures as well. The warden could have a couple of guys with flashlights, the blood hounds, well, blood hounds, and the inmate could be a guy on the run in stripy prison outfit.


Cool puzzle. Another addition to my projects list.

I thought about this as well, I just couldn’t find any that looked good to me. lol

Can you slide the other pieces out first, and then just slide the inmate down through the empty space… or is that considered cheating?

I think that’s why the other pieces are thicker than the inmate - no escape for them!

Like @deirdrebeth said the other pieces are thicker so they can’t slide through