Pro Delivered with pre-installed shields

Looks like the Pro-shields are now shipping in at least some units pre-installed.



I wonder when they will begin to ship the shields to those of us who have received our Pro units without shields.

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It’s like the mulcher attachment on your riding mower. Take it off when you get it, and hang it on a hook in the garage.


Ive been leaving mine on so the rubber doesnt get nastied up. Ill take it off only when I need to use the slot.


Your GF wants, dare I say needs, to be nastied up from time to time.


I hope that’s not blood I’m seeing on the floor…

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The front one goes on and off fairly easy, the back one is a bit finicky to get aligned when putting back on but not bad. I took them off for a pass-through job and put them back on since I’ve seen pictures of residue buildup in the pass-through slots.
I’m sure it cuts down on escaping fumes. Mine will stay on when not using the pass-through.

A quick magnet mount would be handy, but probably wouldn’t give it a Class 1 rating.

I have the bag from a push mower that hasn’t been around in years on a hook in the garage, never used. I need to get rid of it.

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Actually some Mold-Max 60 silicone mold spills on the butcher block worktable :slight_smile:


You know, I thought that would be the case too, but I smell absolutely nothing even when the shields are off. :hugs:

Do need to remember to put them back on though to keep from gunking up the flaps. That will start to yellow if it’s not wiped.

oh ill be posting some photos of my PRU sometime soon so everyone can see what almost a year of use can do to your laser. =P


I am glad i was not the only one who picked up on that.
Is the Glowforge’s name “Patrick Bateman” by any chance?

That’s exactly what a mass murderer would say! :smile: