Pro downgrade?

Sorry for the wall of text, folks. I just didn’t know how to stop myself.

some general info hashed out in the past:


I think this one discusses cheap vs not-cheap safety glasses

also a good idea:

I’d reccomend reviewing those threads at least since my memory may be fuzzy at this point, and the fire extinguisher and safety glasses threads have good links in them.

Glowforge legaly won’t say anything about modifications to the Pro to make it as safe as the Basic but as the numerous warning do not look into laser with remaining good eye threads point out eyes that can see perfectly are a limited quantity on most readers of this forum. I surely won’t tell you to throw caution to the wind and different Jurisdictions/Countries/counties/provinces/municipalities/homes might have different safety restrictions. You’ll need to find out yours.

In the US
Excerpt relevant to basic:

Class I: cannot emit laser radiation at known hazard levels (typically continuous wave: cw 0.4 μW at visible wavelengths). Users of Class I laser products are generally exempt from radiation hazard controls during operation and maintenance (but not necessarily during service).

Since lasers are not classified on beam access during service, most Class I industrial lasers will consist of a higher class (high power) laser enclosed in a properly interlocked and labeled protective enclosure. In some cases, the enclosure may be a room (walk-in protective housing) which requires a means to prevent operation when operators are inside the room.
Excerpt on description for Pro:
Class IV: High power lasers (cw: 500 mW, pulsed: 10 J/cm2 or the diffuse reflection limit) are hazardous to view under any condition (directly or diffusely scattered) and are a potential fire hazard and a skin hazard. Significant controls are required of Class IV laser facilities.

Part of the Glowforge laser safety rating is it’s light frequency placement in infrared non-visible. So you won’t see it coming for you.

Personally following a boat load of restrictions I’ll do electrical work on my home without turning off the mains. I know I can’t see the electricity and have a very healthy respect that it can kill me. It’s not likely to be illegal in my area, but for most people it’s not smart(probably including me.) I’d never play around with the laser, it’s permanent damage invisible and just takes one bad reflection off a reflective surface. So warning signs/doors to protect others, and safety glasses for anyone near with my pro.