Pro e-mail received!


A few minutes ago (8:50 pm CDT) I got THE e-mail that my GFPro is ready for me! For those keeping track, I ordered at 9:32 am PDT on the first day of the campaign.

First project (after the obligatory Founder’s Ruler and test prints):
Last November, a close friend and colleague retired from Lockheed (our mutual employer). As a retirement gift, I milled out (using my CNC router) the following:

It’s sorta’ hard to read prior to staining, but here’s a render of what it looks like:

For the big, empty square in the bottom, I have a sheet of paper on which many of his coworkers signed their names. I purchased some two-tone acrylic from Inventables that I’ve been waiting to engrave the names onto (I bought copper and bronze colors … still debating) which will then be inlayed into the milled out area. My friend has seen the finished piece (sans signature inlay) and has been patiently waiting (as many of us have) for my GF to arrive!

So I guess it’s time to get serious about finding a place to put it … :slight_smile:


Congratulations :tada::confetti_ball::balloon::champagne: and that will be a very cool initial project.


Congrats! Looks like a great Pro project! :grinning::boom::sparkles::confetti_ball::tada:


So happy for you YAYYYY… and me too (same day 4hrs after you)


Congrats!! And wow, almost 30 years in Lockheed :open_mouth:


yay for you…
But still working on first day pros… ouch!




Ya that kinda left a mark on my forehead with that SMACK…

I’m late October.



Tracking email received today. According to UPS, my Pro departed CA at 2:30 this morning. No estimated delivery date yet, but probably Monday (if the planets align just right, Friday)?


pew pew


YAY Congrats!
I just received my “Want it” email HELL YEAH!!!

Catalog credit: $50.00
Unspecified Credit: $160.00
I copied the credits they mentioned so yes 8 months delayed right.
So excited I gotta take an illustrator class asap


That’s fantastic! Now: go here.


Congratulations! :grinning::sparkles::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree::dizzy:


What she ^ said!
The community ramrodded by Jules put together a wonderful group of tutorials specific to designing for the laser. Best investment of your time at this point, the magic of the glowforge is it’s simple, the design software is where I hit a wall. Those tutorials will smooth the way.