Pro in the wild?

pro pass through slot ?

How big of a non-usable margin is there between the front of the unit and where it can laser inside?
Is the front slot non-usable space < or = to the back slot non-usable space?
I have some ideas for tools that won’t fit on the bed but a portion could fit through the pass through.

Can’t give exact numbers at the moment, but if I’m understanding your question, the distance from the inside front of the door to the “laser area” is smaller/shorter/less than the distance from the inside back to the laser area.

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As dwardio said, the front of the bed is almost all usable right up to the front edge of the unit. The extra space is all at the rear. I don’t have measurements, but say < 1 inch in front and several inches in back. When the laser tube gantry is at the rear of the machine everything under it is uncuttable to give you an idea.

Ok – bearing in mind that I have a PRU (basic) and given the current cutting limits (as of 2017-08-29), the front door-to-cut distance is 2.25" and the rear cut-to-wall is 6.625".



Also, go check out @tom’s video. He did an unboxing and might reveal more.

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There is about 1.2 inches of gap from the exterior of the passthrough slot to the nearest cutting space.

I posted some images and details on how I measured this over in my thread. As explained there, the real measure may be a bit longer.