Pro Parts

Maybe because they haven’t caught up. They didn’t offer parts at all until a month ago when they had the first field repair months after they had the first Basics in the field.

I don’t believe everything is a conspiracy to deceive.

No I don’t normally, just where Glowforge is concerned.

They know what machine you have on your account, so when you order the parts from the store they could send the appropriate one? Not saying they are different parts or not, or that they are doing this, just that it’s an option.

I don’t know why you are so negative on the glowforge, but it’s getting really tiring to read your constant negativity here on the glowforge forums. Why are you still here if you are so negative on them? Do you just enjoy defecating on other peoples living room floors?


I am here to see it is worth receiving, cancelling or downgrading to a basic and hacking it back to a pro.

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I think that can be done without repeatedly calling the company and its employees liars that are out to deceive everyone, as you’ve repeatedly done.


What would you say if we do find out there are no differences in the linear system? Can you understand why if the only evidence is Dan saying there are differences but they are secret I might not believe that?


I see no reason to play “what if” and especially no reason to proactively call them liars. The absence of evidence is not evidence that you’ve been deceived or lied to.


There is evidence that the Pro units cut faster and are able to handle higher ambient temps. This supports what @dan has told us. If you think you are going to be able to “hack” a Basic into a Pro, I’m guessing you will be sad (or require spending money on new parts).

Laser tube ratings are interpreted differently by different companies. For example, some companies sell 750mm tubes as 40W or even 45W. That’s accomplished by turning up the current past rated limits - either once on the test bench to justify the number, or in the product permanently, with predictable effects on tube life.

We also have a lot of other magic going on that improves cutting efficiency beyond watts, much of which we don’t talk about. Doubly so over time - for example, dirty output couplers are a permanent drag on output power and eventually tube life; our design solves that permanently. (You can see that just by looking at it, which is why I mention it as an example.
Many of our improvements are not detectable without specialized equipment and a knowledge of what you’re looking for.)


I assume the Basic tube doesn’t have the racing stripes, which would certainly lower its performance.


The spoiler helps prevent spinout, though.


I knew it… the Pro tubes have muffler bearings instead of just muffler bushings.


Can you understand why if the only evidence that you’re a brilliant European hotshot 3D printer engineering wizard is your word for it(*) even though your posts point to either a pre-programmed autoresponder capable of a limited number of negative posting compositions or a 14 year old sitting on his computer in his parent’s basement hijacking a (possibly) real European’s identity, we might believe less in your posts and more in Dan’s?

At least many of us have seen a GF in real life, used a GF in real life and met Dan in real life. I like the man I’ve met and the people he’s surrounded himself with. (His wife & kids are nice too.) That’s why I believe him when he says there are actual hardware differences even though it’s only the performance that I bought that matters to me. I trust him a hell of a lot more than a pontificating keyboard.

That’s why no, I can’t understand why you don’t believe him.

(*) Of course you haven’t said this specifically but the implication is clear from all of the things you’ve asserted you could do better than the GF team.


It’s obvious then that the coolant is not unicorn tears but… blinker fluid. Sneaky!


It’s getting cold out now so I hope they’ve started filling the tubes with the winter co2!!!


Rather than abstracts like are the mirrors different, I’d be more interested in what the temp rating of the coolant is - some of them are going to spending time in unheated trucks in below freezing (water) temps soon. Frost here tonight.

DOT 3 or DOT 5?


I’m pretty sure unicorn tears don’t freeze. Or was that just shifty marketing and they’re really using narwhal tears?!?!

I woke up to 19 degrees this morning. Tracking for my Pro shows Thursday for delivery. Next few days are supposed to be warmer so I’m not worried about it.


Also the reason the lid has to be closed. Open top driving, even with a spoiler, usually has to be done at slower speeds.