Pro Parts


Anyone with a pro out there able to take pictures of the motors inside so we can compare to the basic?

On that note, can anyone with a basic do the same?

Preferably a pic with any markings

It’s 5pm PST on my email day. Please don’t let me down

(Rotated for clarity)

Edit - guess I should mention that this is from a pro.


This from my PRU




Was looking at the same catalog when you posted. Need a Basic pic. My PRU is supposedly a Basic but has a Pro tube. So hybrid parts. Not home right now to take a pic.


Looks like the motor is the same in the Basic and Pro. This is from my Basic.



Well then, guess that answers that!


Indeed. :face_with_monocle:

(Sorry, been looking for an excuse to use the guy with the monocle)


I thought the Pro had better motors…


Lots of speculation based on the fact that the Pro cuts 15% faster. But that was only because the Pro was more powerful and the cutting speed could be increased for the same result. Nothing ever said by the company about the motors.


Found it. It appears It just mentions ‘linear systems’ and not motors. In that case, Im wondering what the differences are…

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Yeah, or nicer belts with less flex.

@dan can you provide any insight into this? Doesnt have to be super specific, but would be cool to know which components in the Pro’s linear system you said were upgraded (in the june update which I quoted in the post above), since it appears its not the motors.


Maybe they’re isolinear systems.


damn you! I already have too many things on the list to make. now I gotta add more! haha


I wish I got that. :frowning:

Maybe the Pro motors were rubbed with cheetah blood.


Assuming cuts are done on full power we should be able to see how much the speed increases when doing a PG cut of the same object on a basic and a pro. On everything else it seems the pro is hobbled to basic power settings and so basic speeds.


They’re the same motors. Other components are different… I don’t remember what offhand.


And we are supposed to believe that you announced "we upgraded key components of the linear system of the Pro model. " but you don’t remember what those components are and can’t simply ask engineering or look at your BOMs.


Come on, stop being so Palmer. Yep that’s a thing. Said he can’t remember off hand and you want him to wake Engineering up at midnight. Yeah you can play the game that it’s important for you to know because you don’t trust the specs. So?