Pro pass through question

So yesterday I did some cuts and when it went to the 2nd step ON SCREEN it looked like the cuts didn’t match up in all areas. And when I cut it they didn’t. But it doesn’t seem like all parts across the board are off ON SCREEN. Pictures for examples attached. Anyone have any thoughts of how to salvage this cut before I goto step 2?

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It looks like the centered cuts line up, while the one on the edge doesn’t - which I would presume anyway because of the way the fisheye lens works - but you say you hit cut and they also didn’t line up physically? Do you have pictures of the cut - is it off by the same amount?

This picture is from the cut yesterday that didn’t match up on screen or in person on one side at least but did on the other side like today’s instance. See image of yesterdays cuts.

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I just went for it prayed and closed my eyes. The cut is off every so slightly on both sides but not enough for anyone to tell. Thanks for the support I could feel even if you didn’t respond. Thanks @deirdrebeth for jumping in to help.


Sadly I can’t tell from that photo even which part it was, but I’m glad it came out okay!
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