Pro Passthrough instructions - questions

  1. The instructions for the trial read at point 3 " Pro Passthrough toggle switch located under the gear menu" Where is the ‘Gear’ ?
  2. The instructions for the trial read at point 5 “and select the step settings”. Where are the step settings hidden ?
    Having started the cut, I see it is cutting everything twice, even though there is only a single copy of the design !
    The registration of the second cut looks good, but finding the preparation frustrating. Not what I’d hoped for.
    John :upside_down_face:

1.The gear menu is now the 3 vertical dots near the center right top section of the dashboard.
2. I don’t understand the first part but for the second part the issue will almost always be in your file. What program did you use to create it?

Thanks for the quick reply.
Got it for the ‘gear’ menu !! Called an ‘ellipsis’ in my neck of the woods.
I used inkscape, which I’ve used for about 2-3 years.
I’m familiar with the perils of having several images one ontop of another, especially when duplicating parts, but I’ve just checked that there is only one copy, so bit puzzled.
I wasn’t sure if the ‘steps’ referred to were numbers of repeats or if it was for the number of parts that the file would be broken into.
Now I’ve typed that, I can see that it wouldn’t be the latter.

If you wanted to post or message me the file I’d be willing to look at it.

Happy to, but it will take me a minute to remember how to post a file !
No, just gobbldegook.
Any help ?

Yeah i cant see any file information there sry. Some people zip the file and them post it.

I’ve had to do the last cut manually as per instructions on screen, and that also cut twice, so it looks as though there is a second layer that I haven’t seen.
Thanks for help, but I’ll post as soon as I can find an answer to the ‘steps’ problem mentioned above.

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It is just referring to the print settings. Cut/Score/Engrave. You have to select those before you start the print.

Hi elfguy.
Just had another look at my settings, and found that 2 cuts were part of the settings I had previously saved for the material I am using - a 4mm hardboard from Lowes.
My bad, but at least I’m warned for the future - always check your saved settings before firing up, especially if it’s for a material you haven’t used for some time.
John :upside_down_face:


I can’t help with the passthrough stuff, but I wanted to say hi – we’ve missed you around here!

Hi geek2nurse,
Thanks for the greeting, and I hope you’re keeping well and safe.
Life is OK - it’s been a case of keep our heads down and plod on.
Glowfinger is kept busy as I try to develop a paper folding device, powered by an arduino and 4 stepper motors. It’s for a fan of my own design, based on a telescopic cockade fan that belonged to Mary, Queen of Scots. Without the GF it would have been impossible me to make the parts accurately enough, and it will be nice to leave something behind me( I’m planning on another 20 years, but you never know !)

Love to all, and I must get back to reading posts !
John :upside_down_face:


Hi @johnbrooker. Good to see you, here. Hope we’ll be seeing you around, again.

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