Pro Passthrough not cutting through material

  I received my Brand New GF PRO on Friday. 1st Pro had to be sent in after 2 years constant use. Set it up, performed camera alignment and tested. All is good that way. Need to get a couple jobs done requiring pro passthrough. I have used this very successfully many times in the past. Alignment is always perfect, I have no trouble with that.

The problem I’m having now, is that, it is not cutting through with passthrough. I’m using .240 double sided cherry veneer on MDF. I use this all the time without any issues. My cut settings are 150 speed/ full power. When not using passthrough, this cuts perfect, 1 pass. However, when using this exact same setting using passthrough, it only cuts 8-9/10ths through the exact same material. If I decrease the speed, it just chars it more. To me, it seems like a focus issue within the pro passthrough beta itself. Noticed this problem prior to sending my other unit in a few weeks back. Before then, I used it very successfully. Have read other posts about this and know they are most likely working on this.
Have any suggestions for me??

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As the new passthrough software is still in beta you want to post to this thread as there’s a special passthrough beta support team who monitor that.

Fingers crossed they’ll have an answer for you!

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