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Just have a question. Has anyone tried the pro passthrough in the past week or so?? I have not tried it since I received my Replacement GF Pro and do have an 18" x 18" tree wall hanging to do.
Thanks All. I’ve added a picture of the front side and backside. AAlso a picture of a 19" that I did before the passthrough went south on me. Same settings I always use. Going to try a passthrough test with cardboard tomorrow.


I mean I’m sure someone has, what in particular are you asking?

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Exactly. Why are you asking? Works just like it always has.

So, the problem I was having is that it is only cutting through part of the first section and only on the left side as your facing the GF. (as of the 13th, I haven’t tried it since. Right side not at all. if you continue on to the second section (it aligns perfect) it will not cut through at all. It will not save my setting, seems to be doing an auto focus after I set focus and changes setting to the word “CUT”. I use these settings to cut double sided cherry veneer mdf without passthrough all the time. My GF Pro was replaced, other issues, but am having the same issue with the replacement. I have read others with the same issue. This has been an issue for me for about a month now. I have used the passthrough successfully many times. I know this is Beta and I have reported the issues I am having. Just checking if anyone has had this issue and if it’s been resolved for you. Thanks

Never had that issue, still don’t. Cut three 24x3" shelves for a cabinet earlier today.

As it is a Beta you should post to the Beta thread so the team that’s working on the software, and the users that are in the Beta, see your post

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It is really sharp on my machine… did have few issues but now it’s perfect!

If in doubt, get some cheap cardboard and give it a whirl to verify.
Just be sure to keep an eye on that so it does not fire up.

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Have a ton of cardboard and was going to give that a try in the morning. Have not cut cardboard in 2 years and a little nervous but did go into the forum and found a setting most ate using so feel ok about it now.
Here’s the result of the last one I did that went south. Same settings I used many times before. Thanks again

It’s hard to tell, but your cuts look awfully thick. Any chance you put the lens in upside down the last time you cleaned?
Also, I’d check carefully for debris in the wells for your crumb tray.

They are awfully thick and this is only occurring in the pro passthrough. This is a brand new GF Pro that replaced my other unit. Yep, I checked the focal lens. Checked everything.

If it’s cutting fine when not using the passthrough, then make sure you report it in the beta discussion thread and move on.

Weird how it only affects certain users.

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