Pro unit passthrough slot

Can anyone give me information on the height of the passthrough deck from the tabletop when the passthrough slot is open? I’m in the process of designing a custom table with a printer opening so that the passthrough deck will be the same height as the table top. also I would like to know how far the passthrough doors stick out from the front and back of the Glowforge case when they are open.


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At the bottom of the material while resting on the crumb tray and sticking out is approx 2.4”. The actual slot opening begins at about 2.35”.

The passthrough isn’t doors but a slot covered by a flap. Their is a “garage door” on the front that folds down (on both models). It sticks out 4” from the case. The back has nothing that protrudes.


Can’t go much further - up, at least. I haven’t measured but the passthrough should be 3/8” designed for 1/4” material. That gives you max of 1/8” to go up before you hit the air assist. You’d have to cut down actually and then use platforms to get up into focal range.


As for the odds. Prolly decent. It doesn’t look terribly difficult to do. A bit of aluminum cutting. You’d be removing a section of the front door also. It looks like you could get about 1/2” deeper before you hit anything structural on the case (a horizontal brace on the bottom of the case running across the door area).


Also, don’t forget about air filter underneath if you order one of those


Thanks for the quick response. it will help with my design which I will post after complete. I do have a question though. What is the garage door on the front that sticks out 4 inches used for and could you post a picture showing it in the open position.


Makes it easier to put thicker pieces in and pull out. Like with the cutting tray itself. You can slide it in with only the lid open but it’s much easier if you open the door too.


I think it would be best considered as an aid in loading larger material. Since the bed size is 18x20 but the cutting area is smaller than the bed size and towards the front of the bed, loading sheet material larger than the cutting area is more easily done by opening the door. The gantry gets in the way of placing larger material.

It’s also used to put in/remove the honeycomb tray.

It has magnetic safety interlocks designed to only allow the unit to work when the door is shut, engaging the interlocks.


If only the back did this as well to allow that much of a pass through. THIS is the size pass through I was hoping for. As for the laser safety, I’d think that goggles would be enough. Would I be wrong in this thought process?


I’m just the guy measuring and taking a picture or two. I can’t advise on what any individual does or doesn’t do regarding their personal safety and those around them. Plus, I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. :slight_smile:


@wcwoodturning I can say personally though, I would have liked a… (thinking of the phrasing) call it a guillotine door, maybe? Something that slides down and rests on the material. If you are trying to adjust material backwards through the flap (backing it out the way it came in) the flap can make it tough to do so, since it really holds on to the material via friction.

That discussion is for Beyond the Manual, but iirc you could ask jacobturner about stray laser beams and bare skin.


Here are some backside shots with tape for visual reference:


Keep in mind that the right side needs to have full air flow (intake for the GF :glowforge: )


You guys are all great, thank you for taking the time to help me out. With a little luck I will have mine by the end of the year. Thanks again.

What’s this? My Basic doesn’t have that.


That looks to be a thermal breaker. I will see if I can trip it.

That’s so you can rig it to a door or whatever. If the door opens, it cuts laser operation.

According to my instructions, it’s a removable bypass on the interlock. You can connect it to a door switch and then it will only operate when the door/switch, door switch, is closed.

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Probably something idiotic that needed to be added for some certification after Production had already started.

Part part of class 4 regulations I believe. You have to prevent the possibility of somebody walking in without goggles while you are lasering with the pass through open.