Pro users: Outfeed roller on sale for $12.95

Not sure how long the deal will be valid, but if you were thinking of buying one for long materials…


Dang. I need a couple more of those for the plasma table. But the nearest pickup is a 125mi roundtrip :frowning:

I bought one of those at Home Depot when I did my deck job - $35. :grimacing:

So I’m in the middle of my deck job - stripped it to the joists and adding new joists to be 12" on center for the Trex…why is it the lumber you need is at the bottom of the stack they delivered? (No way was I going to haul all that stuff in the pickup :slightly_smiling_face:)

2x10x12 are heavy and it’s really a PITA when they’re all on top of the 2x12x16s you need for the beams.

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Yeah, those 2x12x16 are really heavy, especially when they are still wet from the treatment!

You were fortunate that the existing joists were sound. I take it the ledger was fine, my heart sank when I realized both the rim and ledger needed replacement.

I used “joist tape” to protect the top edges from water damage, and sealed all joints with polyurethane.

My order came bundled with the Fortress steel railing and had a 4x8 piece of 1/2" siding between the lumber and railing. It hadn’t even occurred to me that I’m going to need something to stand on, so that came in very handy!

Man, that composite decking is heavy stuff. Good luck with your project.

I’m amazed this deal is still available. Best jump on it if you’re gonna.

I was careful flashing my old one with 8" of flashing up under the siding and another 4" formed over the rim. I am replacing a couple of joists on the far end because my wife had about 50 potted plants sitting on that corner so it never really dried out. I’m going to have to build something to elevate them so they’re not sitting directly on the new decking.

I did buy a couple more roller stands - only $22 at Lowe’s. They make using the job site saw easier.

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