Pro version without air filter?

I have sufficient venting abilities, but I like the features of the pro version. Can I change my order to eliminate the filter and save $500?

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We don’t have support for that right now - but appreciate the request and if we make that available, will let everyone know so they can change their orders.

I second that request as ventilation is not an issue for me either. With the presumed $500 savings without the filter and the presumed 50% savings on shipping, that would put the pro model into a price range that better fits my budget. Will be eagerly awaiting news on this…

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It’s honestly quite strange that the basic model has the option to purchase without the filter, but the pro does not. Is there any practical reason for that? (other than to raise the price point?) not a rhetorical question, I’m actually curious why you went this route.

As the pro model is more likely to be purchased by someone like me (who pre-ordered a few days ago) you would expect it to see heavy use, meaning frequent replacing of the filters. Those who expect to use the laser more are also more likely to be running it in a shop where ventilation is an option.

I’d really love to save on order cost, shipping, and space in my shop by not having the filter. I’m also not too keen on the idea of replacing a $250 filter every couple months if I’m actively cutting material that clogs the filter.

I would also like to see an option for the pro model without an air filter. As Chris stated, those of us who plan to use the machine more frequently will want to eliminate the ongoing cost of replacing filters.

I’m glad someone brought this up because I’ve been wondering the same thing. The Pro should be offered without the filter option.

HEARD YOU. : ) We just added it to the upgrades page. Bit of a hack (long story) but if you buy a basic, you can go to the upgrades page and upgrade “basic to pro (no air filter)”. If you already bought pro, contact support ( to downgrade.


THANK YOU! You guys rock!

One related question: my ventilation system is pretty strong. If I actively suck air out of the GF at the vent site, will it mess up airflow within the machine?

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I’ve ordered the pro, and I’m interested in downgrade to pro without air filter. But I can’t see how change affects the (substantial) shipping cost. Is the shipping to europe for pro the same as for basic? In that case dropping the filter is 500$ off for no filter and 476$ saved in shipping cost.

If you downgrade to drop the filter, your shipping will drop by ~40% if memory serves too.

Thank You for offering the Pro without the Air Filter!

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I ordered the Pro a long time ago. I contacted support to downgrade and Maya told me I should buy ANOTHER basic model and upgrade. I would lose my place in line doing that! There seems to be some confusion among the staff.

Hm, that doesn’t sound right! I’ll let her know that we need to handle those differently. @bailey, can you take a look?

Thank you for offering the no air filter option on the Pro machine.

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Without the filter, what needs to be done for venting? Just a vent line run outside? Or does it need an in-line fan to help with the exhaust process?

Nevermind - I just read that there’s an included duct.