Problem in Inkscape SVG engraving

OK, working on an edgelit nightlight for some friends expecting a new baby. who expects an old baby? I have no idea.

When I go to create the engrave portion of the job, I get random filled shapes. Clearly something is out of what, but for the life of me I cannot figure it out.


I figure there is some node not connected some place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Interesting the file didn’t upload
angel_textpathF (209.4 KB)

the zip file

In Inkscape, if I switch display mode in the view tab to outline, your file has lots going on. It looks like there are extra lines outlining your letters and extra lines within the outline itse. I suggest you look at the file in display outline mode and see if you can eliminate some of the extra stuff.

Thanks so much. I simply couldn’t recall where that command was or what it was called. so I was so out of luck looking it up.

yes there were all sorts of extraneous objects.

It’s there. Check out this post to tag SVGs to increase their display size.

You have a lot of open paths in this design. I assume you want those paths/strokes to be a wider engrave as an outline. Vector lines only score and cut. If you make them engrave, they are going to have funky straight edges to connect the ends of the lines, much like if you tried to fill those paths.

Did you want to the text to engrave as a fill?

You might want to save the angel and text as a bitmap and place that within the line of your cutout profile.

Check out this nightlight I did to see how the design can be all vectors but engraved as outlines

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Some folks expect a used baby :yum:

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I have a friend who I swear was born with the attitude of a 90 year old. Not saying his parents were expecting it, just that it happened.


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