Problem with engrave

Today, I have a problem with engraving a small project.

Everything in the process looks good : loading, scanning material, preparing your design but then the window disapear and nothing.

I did some basic checks and the problem seems to be the engraving zone in my file. When I ignore it, the process goes right. If I enlarge my engrave zone, the process goes right too. I don’t know what is wrong with my file.

Is there problems with small engraving textexample?

I put the file if somebody can see what I don’t? The engraving zone is the text in black (red is cutting and blue score).


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I found myself my solution.

I put the “trigger-forum” too soon. it was a isolated point which blocked the engraving. But a error message would have been nice to simplify the identfication of the problem.


It failed on me just putting it in.
Noticed the engraved icons and engraved text seemed to want to be separate things, even though they color matched.

I converted the engrave text to curves and it took off.

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