Problems with cutting

good day to all
I only got my GF and immediately began to study it
There are no problems with engraving (it all depends on the color)
But I can’t figured out how to make a cut laser!
(first of all I get annoyed - there is NO INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE! It’s not right !!!)
In the “first” lesson, in Pic. 4, there is a setting for the line “cut”.
But in reality it is not there !!! In reality there are: engraving, manual, and ignore.
How do I find the “cut” setting for a particular line ??? With a cutter, the time is 5 minutes, and in the “engraving” mode, the same line is cut 2 hours !!!
Please help me to undestend what to do

Bitmap can only be engraved. You can cut vectors that you draw using vector drawing software (Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) You can also use those programs to “trace” a bitmap in order to have a vector to cut (on the outside).

If you are talking about the trace function in the Glowforge UI, there is a way to have it cut around the outside.

I’ll post a link to the tutorial for that once I find it again.

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In this one, see steps 8 & 9.

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I’m so sorry for the confusion! Only SVG and PDF files can be used for cutting and engraving. JPG and PNG files can only be used to engrave. The SVG or PDF file needs to contain lines called “strokes”, which are turned into cuts.

We have a tutorial that walks you through creating a design so you can see how to create a file with cuts in it. It includes step by step instructions and illustrations, including how to use Inkscape, a free design program, to create shapes for cutting.

Please try out the tutorial and if it doesn’t work to get you cutting, feel free to post a new topic.