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Hey everyone… trying to draw something as a score only file in procreate, but each line is doubled instead of just a single line. Any ideas on how to avoid this? For instance if I draw a circle and then export to inkscape and set to a stroke, it strokes on either side of the drawing. I just want to be able to draw single lines and have it score the lines I draw. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I don’t know Procreate but in Inkscape select all, then hit Path > Break Apart and delete the one you don’t want (inner or outer line). It’ll default to filled when you do this, but you can reset it to stroke easily enough.

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Sadly not all of the art is a circle… some of them are straight lines and its soooo much work to try and break the paths for each and every line in the image. I guess I’m looking for something to just take all the paths on the left and right and just make them a single set of paths in the center of the line that I drew.

That’s definitely tougher. The 1.x versions of Inkscape offer a centerline trace - but that’s for tracing bitmaps, that this is already a vector makes that less helpful. Can you dig into Procreate’s settings for something regarding centerline? Or set you line width to 0?


Thats a GREAT idea!!! I’m going to check it now and see if thats something I can change!!!

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Procreate isn’t a vector app, it’s strictly raster. So there’s no single line or any line option in it. You might consider drawing in a vector app instead like Illustrator, Affinity Designer or Concepts (these assuming you’re working on an iPad). If on your desktop just start with Inkscape.

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Well that would definitely change things!

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Without centerline trace, it would not matter how thin the line was, a trace would just make it harder to separate the two lines. Gimp will create single line vectors that can be exported but would still need some work in either Gimp or Inkscape.

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Yeah, that was when I was under the impression that Procreate was a vector program.

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