Product packaging software



Saw this product this morning that makes custom sized boxes out of boxboard. It also cleverly uses excess waste board as packaging by making patterned cuts. I can really see this as a GlowForge feature or at least a project for someone to build the software to do it. I might even have a go myself when I get my hands on my 'Forge.


Ahh the irony of a box making machine being shipped in a box it didn’t make.


Inkscape has an extension that might help. It’s under Extensions>Render>Foldable Box. You’d need to change some of the lines to “score” rather than “cut,” but it’d get you a long way.


Yeah good call. More what I was thinking is an amped up version of ‘Foldable Box’. It’s also about using the vision in the GlowForge to assess how big the bit of cardboard is and make best use of that.

Can definitely do this with manually a bunch of different ways and helped along by ‘Foldable Box’. Would just be ace to be able to take it a couple of steps further. Will have to have a look into that extension.


Two old posts with related sites. Also @marmak3261 had a site some time back I cannot find atm.

That thing is cool though. I see it being the next label maker. Everyone has one and their entire house is in boxes…


Ace @jordanloshinsky, thanks for the linkage!
Will look into both of those.


Here is one more forgot this one:


I didn’t know that extension was in there. Thanks for sharing. I will put that to good use this holiday season.


Man, I really need to start paying more attention to all the wonderful filters already installed on Inkscape… Thanks for pointing this out!