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Hey everyone, first post here-
I’ve watched dozens of youtube videos on how to do product photos, but never feel very confident with my results.
Surely I can’t be the only one who has an especially hard time getting good photos of the acrylics. Between all the different colors and opacities, it seems nearly impossible to have a consistent way of getting a good photo.
I have a Canon t5 and a decent phone, as well as a light box studio thing that I find awkward and kinda hate.
Kinda new to everything, but I DEFINITELY ain’t about to get discouraged enough to stop trying to figure this out.
Does anyone have any advice on just getting good photos?

It’s going to be hard for us to compete with google…

I bet petapixel has a good tutorial, that’s their whole thing?



They have a whole category about it:


I do find that choosing a background that’s the opposite colour of your acrylic will help it stand out, also shooting at an angle will often show a design that kind of disappears with a straight-on shot.

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