Professional Cleaning

I’d love to hire a professional to come and give my glowforge a full cleaning. Is that a thing??

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I feel like my Glowforge needs cleaned weekly, that my cost me a fortune, LOL

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Not a thing. Not yet. It would be a great service, though.


Hmmm me too. But alas I will keep cleaning it with soylent green, oh umm, I mean simple green.


You’re not the first to ask either.

Have debated on offering it as a service but I don’t know any other laser users around me haha.

I’m in Minneapolis and would certainly pay for it!

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Ahh yep, I’m in NC.

In NYC, if there is one, please let me know. I’m a nervous wreck when I have done it. The videos are great and I follow along with them, but read so many people having issues after they clean it, that it freaks me out.

anyone who can clean electronics can do a decent job on cleaning a glowforge, but i would give it 24 hrs to dry after its been cleaned…