Proforge notice arrived!


Woo hoo! Got the e-mail today. Originally ordered Sept. 24, 2015, 8:46PM. Now I get to wear the owner badge. :smiley:




Congrats to you as well!


I noticed there were some updates to the crowdsourced list of people who ordered.


Congratulations!! Super excited for you! :grin:


Yay!! Congrats! :tada::tada:


congratulations, the more people that get them, means mine is getting closer.


Wonderful news!




i misread this as police notice arrived and was slightly worried


Great. Congrats! (Does anyone else automatically go back to your inbox when you read one of these posts about getting the golden email and check for yours?)


Yes! I do everytime! I think my order date was October 25 so I’m hoping this means I’ll be getting an email soon too. Fingers crossed!


Nope. But I know that I’m an outlier because of the Pre-Release. Almost dreading the email. Would lose a perfectly functioning machine for weeks while waiting for the shipment. And then I would have to start burning my own warranty period.

But I imagine it’s gonna happen. If his post is correct he ordered after me. (And I don’t mind in the least.)


Ha ha, my eyes play tricks like that, most of which are unprintable on the forum. :laughing:


Unit arrived a few minutes ago, box in really nice shape, but, was up on its side all day in the UPS truck. I’ve been up for 24hrs now, so I won’t unpack it until I’ve had some sleep. The Proofgrade box isn’t due until tomorrow anyway.


Great! Get some sleep.


I am looking forward to seeing what you do… you’ve done some incredibly gorgeous woodwork. Share… when you get time.


Ok, sweet & pretty easy to use. Here is a picture of the Founders Ruler and a biohazard coaster

Medium Proofgrade maple.

This is going to be an amazing machine!


I’m sorry that I can’t seem to take clear photos, the beta blockers make me twitchy. Anywho, played with the laser this morning, cutting some paper, the stencil connections on this biohazard pattern are literally thinner than the paper on which they are cut. The pattern is 2" x 2.5" This is laser printer paper, with a sheet of red origami paper behind it.