Hafa Adai, I’m new to the game and super thrilled to start creating. Will affinity designer be a good program to work with for create vector files for the machine to cut/print?


Welcome to the forum.
Many here have great success with Affinity Designer.

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Thank you :slight_smile: Excited to be here.
Great to hear. Any other design programs great to use? what do you use?

Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator are also widely used.


Awesome. Thanks.

I used to use Inscape, but now use Affinity Designer, both work well.
Several of the free files I have posted in the past were designed in Affinity Designer.

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Welcome to the community.

I use Gimp and Inkscape as each lends strength to the other. Modifying an image to be suitable for engraving or outlining to get vectors I get best with Gimp, then mixing vectors with images and doing fancy things with vector bits Inkscape is the most powerful of the two so I treat them as sort of different parts of the same program. I don’t know how good Affinity is at doing Gimp’s job.

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