Programming + direct manipulation + svg



I ran into @joe last night on the bus, (howdy, GlowNeighbor!) and remembered that I’ve been meaning to share something I stumbled across.
It’s an SVG editor which allows both programmatic and direct manipulation.

Not sure what I mean here? Some examples: OpenSCAD is strictly programmatic while Inkscape is primarily direct.

Sketch-n-Sketch is an editor which aims to do both at the same time, in order to manipulate SVG. It’s web-based and fairly unsophisticated, but offers an interesting interface paradigm which really suits well how I tend to think about these sorts of things, though I haven’t yet tried to use it to design for the GlowForge.


Wait… You ran into a fellow Glowsterman ON A BUS?! I know they say the world’s a small place but, man!.. that’s some odd occurrence! Play the lottery!


Can’t get to it at work. I will try it out when I get home! Glad you found it!


We live in the same neighborhood :houses: . It wasn’t the first time we ran into each other on the bus.
But I do wonder what people thought of us, we talked about babies and lasers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: Glowsterman is fantastic!


I am also close by to you two. Waltham represent!


LOL we live and the corner from one another, and often take the same bus.
But we met because of this forum!


I thought I remembered you were up in/near MA… so I figured you’d like that. :wink:

I’ve been to Waltham a few times. I love the area. Waltham, Boston… I’ve always said… if I didn’t live in PA, I’d live in MA.


I had an office there up until a few years ago. Closed it though.

Still have a number of employees working from home up there.

My wife is a fan of the Outlet Malls (mostly because it’s on the way to the Cape so I’ll stop for a pee break :smile: ).


Where did you have your office? I work in the old Mill complex on the river.

@Tom_A Its pretty great. My wife and I love the area. Tons of really great restaurants popping up.


Actually, everyone on that Bus has a Glowforge too!!! @joe and @james_scheffler :-)))

They are very popular in your area! Not so odd! :-)))