Progression of wall art Cats, Dogs, Rabbits

I started with a free design of cats from this page Than was asked if I could do the same thing with Boston Terriers. Than boxers and finally rabbits! Now I working on some raccoons and squirrels. Started with free design as a gift now I have sold a bunch of these. 27906B61-6750-4055-BEA4-C6C4F0412C92_1_201_a|690x445


This look great, nice use of negative space!


Nice work.

Just so you know, the cat ones aren’t free designs. The site you got the originals from steals them from original creators or sites (like this one) that post designs to share with members. Many members here have had their designs stolen and posted there. Many of the designs there were available at considerable expense from the creators.

The site exists to harvest data, push ads and potentially malware.


Really cute! What material did you use? (wood and then paint it, or acrylic?)
Apart from concern with your first source, like where you’ve run with this idea!

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I cut them from 1/8" acrylic

Thanks for the info I didn’t know that.



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They are adorable!

Those are so playfully cute.

As promised the raccoons are done


Well done :sunglasses:

These are the last of this series Thank Eflyguy I decided to keep running with the concept and created my own cats one.


You could sell those designs yourself on Etsy or similar (until 3axis steals them! lol…)

Very cute designs. I have a boxer (had two until last June…)