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I love how the Free with Premium designs have the “Art Work” that displays in the Catalog. It’s like Album Art on your MP3 music or MP4 videos. How can we add this to our own designs? Is there a Meta tag on SVG files? If so, how do you edit it?

You can make and sell etc. any of the free designs. What you are not allowed to do is sell the SVG or other vector/raster files no matter what modifications you have made. The files in the “Free Laser Designs” category are for personal, or gift use of the build only and the files can be pointed to but not given sold or whatever.

Note> some designs are in both places but only with the “Free with Premium” files and others purchased there can you sell the built object. It is pretty standard at all the sites here you buy the designs that you are banned from giving or selling the designs in competition with them for obvious reasons.

That’s not what I was asking at all.

When I add 1 of the “Free with Premium” designs to my Dashboard it shows up with a nice pretty picture.

How do I add a nice pretty picture to my own Designs.

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You cannot download files from the catalog to your computer, Clicking on it will open it up in the GFUI.

The software saves changes to the design automatically, which is needed for folks who use this for business and make frequent small changes to templates for sale. The latest design is shown on the Dashboard thumbnail.

If you’re not using them frequently, you can add a jpeg image of the completed design into your file, (set to Ignore in the thumbnail column), and it will show up in the thumbnail in the Dashboard.


Thanks, that’s a good work around

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