Project inspiration: Jumanji Board

A lot of the stuff this guy did could be laser cut/engraved:


Holy expletive deleted!


My and my roomie just watched it and were like, “No WAY!”, “Oh C’mon!” and “You gotta be flippin’ kidding me!” the whole time. The little playing pieces being thrown into the corner and snapping into place was the last amazing straw. That was an incredible build.


That’s funny, I just watched this video the other day and was thinking the same thing. Tons more work involved though, but yes, the top and board parts could be engraved. Perhaps the edging details work as well.

I’d be happy with a fake box that didn’t open that just had the top artwork on it.

Just watched, after breakfast, and now feel totally exhausted.
Better have some more coffee, and possibly a lie down.


Now that’s some dedication! And craftsmanship, and a ton of time!
I too feel exhausted just from watching @johnbrooker.

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Coffee nap!


Wow - justification ! So a slug of coffee, then a 20 minute nap. That’s an experiment I’m happy to try.


This video was great. I know NOTHING about woodwork; imagine your great-grandma trying to reinstall Windows. I know I am missing a lot of tools, but I don’t even know how to describe them. Seeing a build from the beginning, revealing the different tools and what they do, was really great.

And yes, I am that guy that thought a “two by four” was 2" x 4" until I was in my late thirties. Fyte me irl.


In your defense, IT DAMNED WELL SHOULD BE.


I have a neighbor who immigrated from Egypt. Kindest soul I ever met, that had no idea what a tool was beyond a hammer and screwdriver. As we met and befriended one another he hung out with me and expressed amazement of some of the fundamental things I did. He asked me how I knew what to do. I said I didn’t, but “if was done by humans - I belong to that club”.
Next thing I knew he was finishing his basement! Did a fine job of it too.

I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change that here and there - Richard Feynman


Just tried my first Coffee+Nap.
Wonderful !

Mind you, I was woken by a phone call from a life-long friend, who, describing his daughter’s recent wedding, with a vision of twenty four half-deaf oldies sitting at one table, gave me hysterics.
But that was a bonus.


Would anyone be interested in collaborating on the design of a printable Jumanji? I’m fairly skilled in Illustrator and have a physical copy of the game. I’ve been meaning to tweak elements of the gameplay which may modify the layout of the elements inside the box. However, the layout of the exterior should be a fairly straightforward trace. Personally, I wouldn’t bother with investing too much time in establishing several different engraving depths beyond the major outlines of text, border, and elements that are clearly further away. I would probably go in and add detail lines and texture by hand afterwords since it will all be painted over anyways. Just curious if anyone wants to split the labor of creating a cohesive series of cut files. I don’t know how these forums work so I’m including my e-mail address for interested parties to reach out. Thanks!