Project Number 2 - LETTERS for a Hoodie


The short story behind my Project No. 2 goes as follows.

During company lunches, one favorite topic among my co-workers are our discussions about what creative things we work on during our spare time. Lately, I have been continually teasing folks with opportunities for me to laser cut or 3D print items for them.

One of my co-workers who happens to paint murals and design clothing decided to take me up on my offer.

He arrived several days later with pieces of colorful felt material with iron adhesive backing. He wanted the material cut into letters for a hoodie. Perfect project for my laser cutting curiosity.


After some finessing of his design in Inkscape to match his print out of his lettering, here is how the whole thing turned out.


He looks kind of FLY in his very own TECHNQ design. Luckily he made one for me as well. AWESOME!



Looks great! :grinning:

Wow, it came out fantastic! I hope he had fun too!


We both did.

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Awesome! :v::v: