Project: Organize the paints, Done


Left paint rack is craft paints and art store paint additives. I mostly use these paints for painting gaming terrain and 3d prints.
Made with proofgrade draftboard.

Right paint rack is mostly reaper triads, with some Vallejo inks/washes/airbrush paints in the top rows, with primer and ready to use additive mixes on top. I use these mostly for painting gaming miniatures.
Made with proofgrade maple plywood

Side by side

Whole craft desk included to get a sense of the space.


Man, that is SO organized! :grin:


What a fantastic organizing job you have done. I’ll bet it makes a big difference in your working efficiency. Next upgrade: new lighting! Maybe you can make a lasercut Luxo lamp.


Yeah, lighting is critical. I have two lamps with 100 watt equivelent bulbs and that mostly works, but it’s uneven and easy to block, so it’s on the list.


Quite the paint collection you have there. Nicely done!


I found some bulbs at Lowe’s that are 1600 lumen output each. They go in those cheap brooder style clamp lights you can get for about $10, and the bulbs are daylight colored. They make a big difference!


Have you thought of full spectrum LED light strips?


Holy cow - your craft desk is so tidy! Awesome job.




That is a SERIOUS miniature crafting station.
Must… hide… jealousy…


Fantastic desk. I imagine a lot of great figures are born or given life at that desk! That amount of paint colours almost makes mine feel tiny and shameful :wink:

I would love to see more of your work and later on when that glowforge finally arrives I’ll be wanting to pick your brain on dioramas.


Wow, where did you have room for it all before?


I was using a fingernail polish rack for the paints on the right, but not all fit, so I had to keep some in boxes below. For the craft paints, I had made a janky wooden rack that took up about 4x more wall space and didn’t hold all the paint, so again boxes below.


I could use some paint organization and what you’ve done is perfect!


Wow. Awesome job. And I see some empty spots, so you have room for more paints.


The current designs have some flaws in them (specifically the shelf bit), and the design is complex enough that it really needs instructions.

I’m considering putting it onto the glowforge store, but like I already do a ton of open source designs for 3d printing (see my thingiverse profile), so it’s fully possible I’ll just decide to release these for free.


So, any eta on when we’ll be able to sell designs on the glowforge design store?


I believe that’s supposed to be an option you can pick for the GF store as well. You don’t have to charge for everything you put into the store (or that was the plan).


Your paints look great! Love the racks! Organize, organize, organize! Love it!


WOW. You must/should be thrilled!