Project Organizer - Mini-Whiteboards

I love this idea. I tend to keep a stack of 3by5 cards with potential projects on them and this would be a cool setup.


This is great!

FYI, you can link your Etsy store in your profile so that anyone can click on your picture and see your store link :slight_smile:

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velcro. :slight_smile:

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those are really cool. I have made stuff with those boards. note however that there is more than one manufacturer and the SKU’s vary. and with that variance there is a cutting setting change as well.

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Thank you for sharing the link.
I cant seem to open it on Chrome or Firefox (with or without VPN) and get the error below. Can’t open any Etsy page at all. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thank you!

This page isn’t working

If the problem continues, contact the site owner.


That is weird. I just tried the link. If all of etsy isn’t working for you, maybe try rebooting your computer.

Very cool, like a real life kanban board!

I like that. As I get older, I have trouble remembering projects to do. This could be the answer. Or some form of this. As I sit here sipping my bourbon, I think of using the cards like you have. But in place of a rack sitting on the desk (which also has no room for it), put magnetic sheeting on the back and mount them the side of the freezer in my garage. That’s my shop/office. Thanks for the idea!


This is such a great idea!!!

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(ahem) Don’t you have a Glowforge? :wink:

@kimee Welcome to the forum!


Neat idea. Nice execution on your first publicly shown project. Welcome to the forum, and I’m off to your Etsy store…

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I agree, that would hold them there. But it would be a one trick pony.

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I love this. I am a designer and I have multiple whiteboards in my office for different things. This would be so helpful.


Fabulous! If you sold them I’d be first in line to buy one.

The original poster states that these files are available for sale in his Etsy store. Find the store by clicking on his user name.


Thank you so much! I’m new to the forum and not sure where everything is yet. But, I just bought the download for this project.

Staci Douglas
The Jackass Company

FYI, this forum is public so you probably don’t want to include your sig line if you don’t want your number harvested for scammers :frowning:

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I think that I just bought your file!!

Quick question: where do you get the whiteboard from?

The original post says Home Depot.

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