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I ordered the printer to a few months ago, but still do not understand about when it is ready. You can set the status of the project in a time-line on the website and Facebook? It would be convenient for all customers.

PS Every day I check news about your willingness device and every day I am frustrated that no information

I’m not sure this is what you are looking for but hope it helps. Some thoughtful searching through the forums can answer most question by now. [quote=“rpegg, post:3, topic:1098, full:true”]
The wording in the main website FAQ on shipping was updated yesterday. “If you purchased on or before 10/24/15, your order will ship before July 2016. If you purchased after 10/24/15, your order will ship before October 2016.” See

The planned ship dates are contained in the Glowforge main website under FAQs.

It may be difficult for you to read all of the posts contained in this forum for the information since English is not your native language. The forum members will tell you that all of the information we have seen so far indicate that the project is going as expected and the original ship dates are still valid. Please do not confuse the discussion of early Beta units with the production unit that you will eventually receive.


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I think the confusion isn’t just with the non-native speakers. As I read the forums daily, and look through the main page every so often, It seems that the betas have not quite shipped yet (its going to be soon - maybe? I have no clue). The impression I had was that they would ship in December, but I have no official confirmation of that.

I still trust that my pre-order will ship in the next 6 months, but if the betas have not shipped yet, I would start to think that the timeline could be in jeopardy depending on what is found during that testing.

I understand the concept of keeping the beta feedback closed to reduce false expectations on how things are going, but I think a bit better general communications of milestones wouldn’t hurt. I would rather know earlier rather than later if things are going to slip, and it doesn’t take till May to find out you won’t ship in June.

you are right
no problem for me to wait. The problem in understanding how long the wait.

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